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BDD loves to share about life and family and what we are currently listening to and watching, or what products BDD is using and all the cool gadgets he is loving right now and this always leads to questions like “where/when/who/how/why???” Who knew politics could be so influential? Ahem. Anyhoo, lovely peoples, this page is dedicated to sharing some faves, including things BDD mentions on his show or on Twitter! If you have any special faves that you think might make an excellent share with the BDD fam let us know and we’d love to feature them here too (with a little shoutout)! (Links in images)

First things first…BDD wrote a bigly book about little Spanky McDumbass, the least memorable man-baby who was squatting in the White House with his tiny hands for the tiniest term. This book’s existence heralded a growing community during the early pandemic, saved so much sanity, and saw us through some rough days with much-needed laughter. I present:

The Liddle’est President

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The BDD Fam like to enjoy creature comforts, and we get a lot of questions about our Home & Health Faves! Behold….some of our faves

Stinky stale air? Sharing your flu-laden breath. YUCK, no thank you. Get yourself this Air purifier! We use two sizes – this one is for larger rooms. Used year-round to ensure your home circulates clean air. VERY effective for allergy suffers!

We use this size air purifier for smaller rooms like bedrooms – circulating clean air for a more restful night’s sleep. It also apparently reduces snoring. Apparently. Though I really couldn’t say, personally.

We call her Lookit Linda and she rocks her roll as executive crumb collector. That’s right, we spill food on more than just the front of our best shirts. Jokes aside, this little vac is an incredible addition to our home’s tech and means we spend less time cleaning and more time together…and with pets who shed hair like they want to be Dr Evil’s naked cat twin, win-win!

Winter snuggling by the fire? Um, YES YES YES!!!!! Faux fire schmaux fire, this baby offers a choice of different flame/heat settings, AND brings extra cozy vibes.  And for all you lovely Floridians who profess to be SO jelly of our Winter wonderland scenes on IG but are sweating off hot sun vibes, this baby is the answer. A holiday fireplace with/without the added heat? Genius!

The conundrum of cables, a tangle of wires, that hideous eyesore that ruins your sleek design goals. Where DO IG perfect-home content posters hide their wires? How about in this pretty cable box? Clever storage solutions that don’t require a mastery Marie Kondo fold.

Fingerprint-enabled front door keypad locks (at affordable prices)? Ah hello? Do you even know me? Security enhanced. Check. Easy to install. Check. Fingerprint-enabled awesomeness. Double check. Go buy this baby, rn. You won’t regret it. Unless you don’t have doors.

Here’s another IG styling tip, this coffee table. A classic addition to any seating area. Gold, glass and marble-look styling that’s not spendy! Pretty much winning at IG without trying.

Speaking of security features. These stamps are the thing you never knew you needed…until you remembered that copious amounts of mail and junkmail will be dropped in your mailbox AGAIN TODAY with your name plastered all over it. Yayyyy. Quickly and easily block out personal info like name/address with this little sucker…that doesn’t suck at all. We love this stamp so much we have 4!

If you need one new appliance in your kitchen, then this baby is it. Saute, pressure cook, air fry and so much more. Chilli? Yup. Yoghurt? Also yup! Wait, whaaaat? Yup. Roast chicken? Is that even a question? Salmon air-fried to perfection? Truth. It’ll make everyone in the household worship the cook.

Hotel luxury. Can we just agree that thick, white hotel sheets are good. Like, SO good. Especially if you have them in your own bathroom. Now I know you love those threadbare towels that you once used to dry your babies. Because nostalgia. But let’s keep those for unwanted houseguests and gift yourself a holiday spa vibe in your own bathroom.

Let’s just say that bacon, eggs and pancakes don’t cook themselves even if you are here. But this electric frypan? It clever. This huge pan fits so much, has excellent temperature control and cooks anything from a single egg to party paella. That is ABSOLUTELY a thing. This makes cooking and clean up more fun…well, less stupid anyway. Unless you burn water. Then go grab this book or a takeout menu.

How difficult is it to make quality sheets that don’t rip at the corners after a few washes? Apparently paying over $200 for a set doesn’t improve the situation. But you know what does? These sheets. They’re crisp yet soft, and have deep pockets. And they don’t cost an arm and a bed (hell yeah, I went there). That’s right, they’re not spendy so your deep pockets can take a snooze!

Any sign of cold symtpoms these days and we reach for a Covid test kit. It’s a different world now. Please keep your germs to yourself and regularly test at any sign of symptoms. Keep yourself and others safe by maintaining a distance of 6 feet or better wherever possible, where a mask if that is appropriate and definitely don’t lick store shelf items. That’s just dumb. 

Sometimes we don’t have Covid. And we are winning at that point. But we might have a cold or flu-like symptoms. And this is where I introduce you to Oscillococcinum. Bless you. This magical rainbow is our go-to natural remedy to support immunity and relieve symptoms.  BDD calls this candy granules.  It’s basically a sweet hug for your health.

Republican politics giving you indigestion? Or perhaps it was short-term memory loss buffalo wings you remember you can’t eat. Let’s face it, the world is in turmoil and there are so many stressors that create disequilibrium in our system. Allow me to introduce a better than Superbowl-Sunday-half-time show (shhh, it’s true) pepperminty reprieve from the fluxes. Now you can have that cake and eat it too.

Social media trolls making your blood boil so much you are low on Iron? Low iron is suckier than a vampire at midnight. This blend of iron and vitamin C means you’ll absorb iron like it’s your job. Fine, I’m not a Dr but this works for our family wayyyyy better than anything else we’ve taken.

Advancements in engineering that make things go faster, sound better, keep you connected, make life easier…peeps, I give you…TECH-uh

Sometimes we don’t actually want to hear that stranger’s conversation on a train about all the shit going on in their life. Or our kids yelling at their computer game. And sometimes we just want a warm meditation to soothe our ruffled soul. Buddies. Samsung Buds, to be precise. Noise cancelling, comfy as hell (that saying really does not make sense) and incredible battery life. The end.

Always on your devices? Kids running their battery to 5 percent right before leaving the house? Fell asleep and forget to charge your device? Again. Snowstorm coming and scrambling to charge all the things?? Just go buy this super fast charger. Battery charge is life. Literally. For your phone.

And if you insist on being an Apple snob, then drown out the nagging of Android owners with these gems. Or better yet, go watch/listen to one of BDD’s interviews and enjoy! You’re welcome for that little piece of advice.  

Out and about and no access to an outlet? Driving across country while listening to your fave playlist? Running low on battery right when you wanted to check BDD’s twitter feed?  Super fast car charger to the rescue! 

Smart home at your fingertips. Kitchen entertainment. Family video chats. Fire tv. I mean, are we really living without this?Well, technically,yes. But hear me out. This cutey makes kitchen dance parties and calling with your fave people so much better. Watch a movie while you work from home. ..ermmm I mean cook. Which reminds me, recipes at your fingertips? Yup. I don’t think it washes the dishes…but you could use it to order a dishwasher. So there’s that. 

Want to keep track of your daily steps like it’s your job? Need to know the temperature? Want to play music and answer phone calls? Then this contraption is for you! Added bonus? This tiny wrist decoration is also a time-telling device. A watch. Amazing. 

Do you have a front door? Then you need this techy tech. This is the better version of a peephole (did that word take your mind to the gutter? Shame on you). How else are you going to catch all the cute goings on at your front door? Or the nutcase neighbour stealing your newspaper if you don’t have a doorbell/camera setup? Amiright?

Need a break from reality? Want to flail your arms around and dodge invisible things while your family and friends laugh their asses off? Of course you do! VR is a great way to have some fun family entertainment and get a workout at the same time. Come to think of it, you could just workout in peace too. Just make sure you have plenty of clear space. Not speaking from experience, or anything. Just sayin’

Streaming equipment…the latest sexy tech or work from home opportunity? Or both??? Before I show myself out, here are some of BDD’s fave streaming pieces

Trying to sound professional when you create audio? Want to produce the warm tones reminiscent of Late Night with BDD? Just want to not sound like you’re recording from the inside of a tin can? Cool. This mic is bloody awesome.

Need old skool headphones? Want to look hip to the hop or something like that? Just need over the ear headphones because innies fall outies? We got you covered with these beauties.

Streaming has never been so fun or easy with this little but mighty accessory. BDD uses this to quickly insert funny sounds, drop in scenes and easily control media while streaming at the drop of a…finger on the button…and that sentence right there? Why that’s a twss if ever there was one. 

We’ve come a long way from the days when we streamed Storytime with BDD from BDD’s phone and Wifey’s arm nearly fell off from being videographer extraordinaire. This tripod/selfie stick is a compact yet stable addition to filming on the go. And selfies from flattering angles? Because perhaps not every angle is a good idea.

COFFEE is life….mood 

This might have been a gift for BDD, but now Wifey is the lucky one. The morning coffee has never looked so good. How does Wifey take her coffee? Very seriously. Like, seriously, today’s mood is sponsored by this cup of coffee.

Peaberry. From Tanzania. From Mount Kilimanjaro? It’s rich and intense, and oh, so goodly! Just go. Go now. It’s coffee. The good darkside.

One of the fun things about making coffee, is the science behind the process. Because science is real. And BDD loves the science behind his Chemex coffee. I was going to tell a joke about Sodium, but Na. 

Hello darkness my old friend… you floral and smoky aromatic dream. Peru coffee is just the morning java fix you need. Grind, brew, drink. You can also get grounds (if you must) to just brew and drink. No coffee snobs in our house. Ahem.

Big Bang is not just a theory, it’s also a bloody good coffee bean. Go. Try it. So good. Also, the earth is not flat. Just sayin’ Science. Bazinga. 

While horse kicking is NOT COOL, you know what is cool? Well, since you asked nicely…cheeky, precocious and chocolatey? The goodness of the Smart Ass blend. We might have teen kids in our house but this is the only smart ass we want.

Make no bones about it, Peaches and Scream is the kind of coffee that tastes as good as it smells. I once read that research shows drinking coffee in the morning helps others live longer. This is Wifey’s go-to coffee bean. Forever and ever. The end.

If you can’t be bothered to make coffee for yourself or your lover, be a hero with a coffee giftcard…coffee for them and for you? Superhero-level averting uncaffeinated crankies!

PETS are better than people. Shhhhh, don’t fight it.

Schnuggly beds for our furbabies? Always. The end. Rainny loves to snuggle in her bed through all the seasons and this one will be under the Christmas tree this year (thanks Santa)!

Kobe has been in love with this rainbow wand from day one. We have 2 now. And every evening between the hours of NO ONE SHOULD BE AWAKE o’clock, she likes to tell everyone in the house that she has killed her rainbow wand and would like to gift it to whoever is the luckiest. Jokes, everyone is the luckiest because SHE WAKES EVERYONE. Could we hide it and ruin her happiness? Sure. Do we? Ah, no.

Cat Lovers listen up. Mars *might* have taken possession of prime sofa real estate but Kobe cat took possession of the cat bed. Also, the lack of black cat representation in cat models? Ummm, they’re not the magical mystery of dark arts, people. They’re just MAGICAL. Just sayin’! Now adopt a black cat and buy your magical cat a cute bed. Go.

Is a bowl of fresh water sufficient? Probably. Do our cats LOVE their water fountain. YES, yes they do! It’s a source of freshly filtered water, that also entertains them with sounds and moving water akin to a babbling brook! Is it mesmerizing? Why yes, yes it is!

Rainny likes a fluffy blanket to snuggle, Mars needs it for her evening treddling business, and Kobe requires it for evening biscuits before cuddles. Our furbabies will be warm and cozy with the range of gorgeous blankets available this Winter!  

You know when something is so good you don’t want to share? Like the kids’ Halloween candy. Not that we’d know about a secret stash of candy, or anything. Well, our furbabies also love treats. Did someone say *whispers* cat treat? This is Kobe cat’s go-to treat. Shoutout to the wonderful Kitten Lady for the rec and her team’s tireless work in animal rescue!  

I vaguely recall thinking NEVER BUY NOISY TOYS FOR BABIES. They were made to torment tired parents. And yet, here we are. I mean, it’s a fluffy, flapping duck.

For animal lovers of all ages, including cat ladies, because CATS! This gorgeous activity book is purrrrfest for anyone and everyone.  And better still, purchases support the work of animal rescue extraordinaire, Kitten Lady


Check out the Reviews page where BDD and Wifey will be discussing all things Movie and TV, including binge-worthy and rated ummm, no thank you, NOPE. Can’t imagine which one of us says no to the Thriller genre these days because it sometimes appears a little to closely aligned with current news and politics…ahem. All will be revealed along with some hilarious, emotional and eye-opening critiques and recs! Grab another beverage and get comfy!

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