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Born during the early pandemic from the need for community spirit and support, Storytime with BDD started with readings from The Liddle’est President, and has continued to grow and evolve as a place of community for news, reviews, rants, as well as featuring incredible by invitation-only guests discussing breaking news, current events and what’s going on in their world. Not just a serious political spot, there’s humor-abound including guests regularly put on the spot with BDD’s special feature guessing games and quick-fire questions with some hilarious and surprising results!

Be sure to Subscribe to BDD’s YouTube channel with notifications on to join his shows, and feature Late night with BDD shows, in realtime. There’s also a library of the latest and previous shows for you to watch at your leisure.

ICYMI, below you’ll find BDD’s latest video and a handful of other recent releases, so grab your fave beverage, get super comfy (ahem, do be forewarned that you *might* spit that beverage during fits of laughter and some WTAF moments, and good luck on the guessing games at the end!) and ENJOY!


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