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Michael Cohen & BDD: a conversation…

BDD loves to interview special guests on his show, enjoying a relaxed atmosphere, good ol’ chinwag and fun guessing game, and some rapid fire questions. There’s always shenanigans, laughter, surprises and you’ll likely learn a thing or two! Ahead of his illuminating interview of Michael Cohen, BDD sat down with Michael on his Mea Culpa podcast, for an interview of his own. BDD doesn’t disappoint and brings the hearty laughs and shenanigans as well as a good dose of reality. You can listen to the episode below.


MAY, 2020

That Time Don Lemon Calmly Delivered An Awesome trump Smackdown…

Would you like a little LEMON on your tRump roast? You know how some people can’t let go of something for what feels like F.O.R.E.V.E.R.? I mean, trump has been jealous of Obama forever, right? It feels like eternity. And now Obamagate? His petty little digs at Obama are boring and pathetic, as is trump’s behavior in general. Do you think it’s because Obama was the best President ever? Well, the very classy and timely Don Lemon delivered such a cool, calm and collected burn of trump that the Black Twitter went wild over it!  Bet TV covered the bigly beautiful trump smackdown, including BDD’s tweet highlighting the ultimate trump roast!


APRIL, 2020

ivanka trump thought shadow puppets were clever…

Why ivanka thought suggesting shadow puppets would be a fun Saturday night activity I’ll never know. But, I bet she doesn’t now. Firstly, should you really be reminding people about puppets when your dad is the biggest? Ah, no. Did she leave herself open to criticism AGAIN? Ah, yes. Did people respond ferociously and hilariously immediately? You bet your ass they did. How’s your unicorn game now, ivanka? For the record, I don’t even think Scrabble, The Game of Life or Connect 4 would be safe options for you. Though maybe Mouse Trap or Clue would go down well for you?…just a suggestion. Or Abstinence…that’s a game, right? Insider covered ivanka’s “blunder” with aplomb, including BDD’s shadow puppet reply game, which was on point!


APRIL, 2020

Did you Hear The One About the Daily Press Briefing…

If it isn’t enough that he puts his ridiculous “tremendous”, “bigly” lie-filled “words” out in the world on a daily basis via Twitter, he insists on holding daily press briefings where he purports to appease our concerns over the COVID-19 situation, attempts to “look knowledgeable”, all the while spouting lie upon lie upon BS lie, and then leaves again (thank goodness). He seems to have overlooked the fact that Governor Cuomo has already held the only daily press briefing we need. The one with real facts and information, the one where we DO feel safer and cared for after watching. Raw Story put together an article looking at trump’s daily lie briefings, and the outrage that flows as a result, including BDD’s excellent point.


APRIL, 2020

One World Together At Home: Thankful Moments During COVID-19…

During this difficult time, we are social distancing, staying away from each other to help keep each other safe. And we are finding new ways to come together while keeping a safe distance. And when we come together in order to celebrate the dedication of those on the “frontlines” of this fight, our healthcare workers, to THANK them, what better way than to do that with music? This past weekend, the likes of some wonderful people like Lady Gaga, Elton John, The Rolling Stones, John Legend and so many talented musicians did just that for the world to gather together and feel a bit of community! It was heartfelt, touching and SO GOOD!! The Washington Post put together a nice little round-up of some of the responses to this event, including our favorite BDD.


APRIL, 2020

That Time A Doctor Said Something REALLY STUPID, Ahem, dr oz, Ahem….

Most of us are on edge right now. COVID-19 is frightening. It has unsettled us, changed us, changed what our day, life, income, family, and happiness, looks like. Sure, we are finding happiness and special moments in different ways. Because humans can adapt and evolve the ways in which we do things when faced with survival. But then there are a minority of people who seem to open their mouths and spew utter rubbish. “dr oz”, I refuse to capitalize that title or allow it to go without air quotes, decided to suggest, out loud, like actual words, that reopening schools was an “appetizing opportunity” and that it would only likely increase deaths by COVID-19 by about 2-3%. Deaths of children. Because that’s okay, “dr oz”? REALLY? CBS NEWS covered the utterly ignorant opinion of “dr oz” in an article, and BDD’s reply to the outrageous claim was featured in it.


MARCH, 2020


trump is intent on big numbers and winning. “Tremendous” and “big” numbers are bigly important to him. His trumptastic failing has never been more prevalent than his mismanagement (and let’s face it – that word should really just be “mis” because there has been nothing management about it) of the coronavirus pandemic – COVID-19 is YUGE in America and certainly NOT where big is winning. We’re losing…LIVES, LIVELIHOODS, HOPE, HEALTH, SUPPORT, losing SO MUCH. Complex looks at some of the criticism of trumps mismanagement.


MARCH, 2020

The president continued to play down COVID-19…

It seems unbelievable that just a couple of weeks ago, trump was convinced that America would be back up and running in a couple of short weeks – “I’d love to have it open by Easter. I would love to have it open by Easter…” and now we have people laying on gurneys in hallways, dying by the thousands, healthcare workers without essential PPE, we haven’t reached the apex and yet while most of our country has shutdown not every state has joined the FIGHT. Second Nexus covers the story – and features our own BDD!

MARCH, 2020

FEARLESS Jill Biden’s Fight Club…

The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club…but can I just talk about Super Tuesday Fight Club and its leader Jill Biden? When Protestors rushed the stage twice during Joe Biden’s speech in California, Jill Biden stepped in between them and her Husband, blocking the protestors’ movements. The article in Raw Story, featuring BDD, covered her resilience and strength when it mattered most. 

February, 2020

Debate Boos…

The Democratic Debates have seen some interesting interactions leading up to the 2020 election, including some unexpected reactions from audiences. There’s always good coverage from BDD, like this tweet, featured on People, with his looming question…

February, 2020


Likely with his arms folded like a spoilt, indignant man-baby, trump likened himself to “King”, determined that he emerged triumphant…has he even emerged though?…I digress, and apparently completely ignored that he was in fact IMPEACHED. BDD highlighted a few problems with his analogy – covered by Daily Kos.

December, 2019

Windmills and hot air…

Remember when trump dismissed the significance of clean energy and told us that living near windmills means your house price just depreciated by 75%, do you remember what else “Don Quixote” said? Let BDD and Newsweek refresh your memory…

November, 2019

Phony Impeachment Witch Hunt…

trump declared he would consider testifying over the phony witch hunt at Nancy Pelosi’s suggestion he do so. I’m pretty sure you’ll find that testimony with his tax returns and pay-off receipts. Raw Story covered the drama, including BDD’s tweet calling trump out. 

October, 2019

Can We Just Talk About Spelling For A Moment, kids?

Despite what “some people” might suggest, correct spelling is very important and useful. Otherwise we drink Covfefe and Devin Nunez’s cow might be made into hamberders. Since November 2016, sometimes when something trends on Twitter we “just know”, like BDD knew, featured on Newsweek.

December, 2018

You Gotta Wear Shades…Like Pelosi

Remember the day Nancy Pelosi won the internet with her sunglasses? The Queen of giving trump shade and fancy handclaps. Reminisce with a CNN piece featuring a BDD tweet! 

September, 2017

Rocket Man…

Remember that time trump used the term Rocket Man to describe Kim Jong Un? There’s a video, including a BDD’s #TuesdayThoughts tweet, featured on CNN with Jeanne Moos.

May, 2017

Double negatives – “no evidence”…

Words are bigly hard sometimes and who better to have special words and ideas than trump? I mean…he has the best words ever. Right? Hello? Until those words look suspect. This BDD tweet featured on CNN Politics considers trump’s choice of words for his Twitter header.

November, 2016

Paying Homage to Obama…

November 2016 was a very solemn time filled with reflection but also great shock. What people couldn’t comprehend was how the country could move forward. In the midst of all this, was the recognition of who America was about to say goodbye to, President Obama. BDD paid heartfelt tribute to Obama that day featured on VH1.

october, 2016

trump Horror Show…

Do you think Hillary could feel trump lurking behind her? That’s EXTREMELY creepy and Twitter, including BDD, picked up on this with the Hashtag #TrumpAHorrorMovie featured on Complex.


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